VEC Benefits

We have developed the Vaughan Endoscopy Clinic to provide patients with a high quality, comfortable, patient centered service for screening colonoscopy. The clinic aims to reduce long waits for quality services, and eliminate the multiple doctor visits required for colon cancer screening in the hospital based system.

Our Clinic's goal is early detection and prevention of colon cancer

The ten partners are all active and experienced gastroenterologists, working out of 5 GTA hospitals. We are passionate about the prevention of colon cancer.

Colorectal screening saves lives

Advantages provided by the Vaughan Endoscopy Clinic include:

  • Wait times for appointments are considerably shorter than at the hospital
  • Patients achieve their consultation and endoscopy on one visit
  • The clinic uses the most advanced high-definition video scope equipment
  • The clinic is in a medical facility designed for patient comfort
  • With anesthetists, patients usually will have their choice of conscious sedation.
  • The patients receive both verbal and written results before leaving the clinic. The patient's report includes a colour photograph of the endoscopic findings
  • The referring physician is faxed a report within 24 hrs of the procedure.
  • All required follow-up will be conveniently arranged by the endoscopist. The Gastroenterologists will look after your patient for any endoscopic findings.
  • If the patient is having a colonoscopy done and they have symptoms that warrant gastroscopy, it can be pre-arranged for the same visit.
  • State-of-the-art endoscopic cleaning equipment ensures infection control.
  • Free parking as opposed to costly hospital parking.

To find out what some of our patients have said about Vaughan Endoscopy Clinic and results from our Satisfaction Survey click here.

Patient Comments:

  • "Thank you for making this so easy. Your staff is amazing."
  • "Friendly staff, helpful and efficient. Painless and surprisingly pleasant experience. I would recommend VEC to my friends."
  • "Excellent experience! Can't wait to come back - it was so easy!!"
  • "The positive energy throughout the clinic made me feel welcomed and very comfortable."
  • Very friendly, clean, professional, and effortless."
  • "I have never felt so comfortable. I thank the staff for the care they provided me."