Quality Indicators

For information on how the VEC ensures patient safety and high quality endoscopy procedures click here Patient Safety Newsletter

High quality examination ensures detection and removal of adenomatous polyps and is key for colon cancer screening effectiveness and subsequent decrease in cancer rates. Various quality-assessment indicators for colonoscopy are in place at the Vaughan Endoscopy Clinic to ensure both patient safety and excellent assessments during the procedure.

Examples of some of the Quality Indicators that the Vaughan Endoscopy Clinic adheres to are:

VEC Staffing:

  • Endoscopists all specialize in gastrointestinal diseases
  • Gastroenterologists are trained and experienced in performing colonoscopies
  • Registered Nurses and technical staff are well trained and have accepted credentials

Quality Monitoring:

  • The VEC monitors the Cecal Intubation Rate with photo documentation that the cecum was reached
  • Polyp Detection Rate is measured
  • Bowel Prep Quality is monitored

Superior Equipment:

  • High definition video endoscopes for best resolution of images
  • Emergency back-up power supply for all essential equipment
  • Drugs and equipment for resuscitation, including on-site Defibrillator
  • Technologically advanced Endoscope Reprocessing Device (scope cleaning equipment)

Infection Control:

  • Rigorous cleaning of endoscopes with enzymatic detergent and high level disinfection with chemical germicide (single use chemistry)
  • Universal Precautions for specimens obtained and IV insertions
  • Meticulous hand sanitization policy

Patient Relations:

  • Informed Consent outlines what to expect and the risks of the procedure
  • Timely results (patient provided with report when discharged, referring physician provided within 24 hours)
  • Patient have the ability to give feedback on their experiences (satisfaction survey)

More information on Quality Indicators is published in medical literature. Links to some of these articles are provided: