Physician Instructions

Steps for Patient Referral:

Please print and complete the VEC Patient Referral form and fax it to the clinic at 905-856-2602.

STEP 1: Check that your patient meets the VEC health criteria.

Please note that the patient should not be referred to the VEC if they have any of the following criteria:

  • has significant/severe GI complaints
  • has significant cardiovascular, respiratory, renal, neuro, or liver disease
  • had a heart attack <= 1 year, or has cardiac stents
  • is an insulin dependent or brittle diabetic
  • requires prophylactic antibiotics for previous endocarditis, mechanical heart valve, or complex cardiac congenital abnormalities
  • is on Coumadin, Plavix, or s.c. heparin, Ticlid, Pradex, or other blood thinners
  • is on continuous narcotic use
  • uses CPAP for sleep apnea and has a BMI >35
  • is morbidly obese (BMI > 40)
  • age > 80

Patients deemed to be high risk should be referred to one of our gastroenterologist's office for consult.

STEP 2: Fax the completed Patient Referral Form to the VEC at 905-856-2602.

STEP 3: Once the Patient Referral Form and the Medical History Form are received, the VEC will contact the patient directly to schedule a convenient appointment for them. The clinic will provide the patient with the bowel preparation instructions and informed consent documentation.